Monday, August 10, 2009

Nanticoke Facebook Groups

If you are on Facebook, there are several groups dedicated to Nanticoke.

St. Mary's Parochial School in Nanticoke, PA was started by Theresa Yankoski Wyzinski as a place where former students of the little red-brick school can reminisce about their schooldays.

I SURVIVED THE NANTICOKE EVACUATION 1987 - Who can forget the day that the fire at Riley Plating reminded us of the importance of Mr. Yastremski's frequent admonition, "Acid into water, NEVER water into acid"? As clouds of chlorine gas spread across the city, everyone in Nanticoke was evacuated until the gas had cleared. Even if tou were somewhere else when it happened, if you were from Nanticoke, you're still a survivor.

Nanticokians Unite!!!!!!!!!!!

John S Fine High School

Sanitary Bakery Pizza

Nanticoke Gang - This one is actually for Nanticoke, Ontario. There are quite a few Nanticokes out there, including one in New York and one in Maryland!

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