Saturday, March 17, 2012

New business in Nanticoke: Coffee's Coffee!

Coffee's Coffee, a coffee shop and cafe in downtown Nanticoke, PA

71 East Main Street in Nanticoke
(the old location of McDonald's Newsstand, across the street from Luzerne County Community College's Health Sciences Center, formerly the Kanjorski Building)

Monday-Friday 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM  
Saturday 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM 
Sunday 7:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Nearly three years ago Nanticoke lost one of its oldest businesses when McDonald's Newsstand closed its doors. Since that time the building has been empty and closed, a sad reminder of better days that really weren't that much better.

A few months ago I became involved with an individual with a vision for a revitalized downtown Nanticoke. The centerpiece and cornerstone of his vision was the recent establishment of new educational centers from Luzerne County Community College: the Health Sciences Center on the corner of Main and Broadway (in the old Kanjorski Building) and the Joseph A. Paglianite Culinary Arts Institute located just two blocks away on the corner of Main and Nanticoke Avenue. These places were bringing students to the area, students who needed services provided to them and who, in turn, would do business with businesses providing those services.

The project was eventually put on the back burner for a variety of reasons, but I was inspired with my own vision: the old McDonald's Newsstand building would be a perfect location for a coffee shop designed to meet the needs of L.C.C.C. students looking to meet, grab a quick coffee, and check the internet before and between classes. For months I have dwelled on this vision, wondering what could be done to make it a reality.

It turns out that for the past two years, someone has been working to make this vision a reality.

Coffee's Coffee is the dreamchild of proprietor Kim Coffee. (Yes, that's her real name.) I was a little disappointed when I parked across the street and walked towards the building and noticed that the neon OPEN sign was no longer flashing like it had been a few hours earlier. I decided to take some photos anyway. Having a distressingly large man taking pictures of your business with a distressingly small camera tends to get a reaction - and the woman who was cleaning up for the day unlocked the door and motioned for me to come in.

Location, location, location: Directly across the street from the Luzerne County Community College Health Sciences Center, and a quick walk from the Joseph A. Paglianite Culinary Arts Institute

We talked for a while, more than a while, and Kim Coffee showed me around the place. I was wrapped in double-vision with each step as I remembered the space as it was - dodging around a phantom counter that wasn't there anymore - and drank in the space as it is now.

Candy, a coat rack, and a jukebox! Notice the cast-iron radiator against the wall.

Except for tidbits like the cast-iron radiator above, Coffee's Coffee doesn't bear much resemblance to the old newsstand. Having just opened a few days ago (a "soft opening;" the Grand Opening won't be until this coming Wednesday, March 21), everything is shiny and new, and there is a sense of anticipation and ambition about the place.

Get a load of that backsplash!

And beauty: this is a very beautiful place. There is something to see everywhere you turn, and as much as I tried to photograph every inch of the place, I am sure there are things I missed.

Close-up of backsplash

Of course, Coffee's Coffee a place of business, specifically there to sell you food and drink. So what do they have to offer?

Menu 1: Specializing in paninis, hot dogs, and soup

In the breakfast and lunch departments, there are paninis, hot pressed grill sandwiches, and hot dogs, soup, and some breakfast things as well - egg on an English muffin, bagels, and tuna on a bagel.

Menu 2: Coffee and tea (and there are already requests for bubble tea!)

Of course, there's a selection of coffees to choose from, along with espresso, cappuccino, latte, and chai ( a personal favorite), as well as green tea. (I've already been asked to relay a request for bubble tea, which is increasingly popular, though it hasn't reached the level of cupcakes and bacon yet.)

Menu 3: Smoothies and Frappes

Then there are smoothies and frappes, too - it would take a while just to run the drinks menu!

The Persistence of Memory - or, Hello, Dali!

A Dali-inspired clock is one of several throughout the cafe.

The smoothie, panini, hot dog, cappuccino, and espresso bar. Check out that woodwork!

The self-serve coffee section

There's also a self-serve coffee section in the back, near an expanded area for group gatherings. So now Nanticoke's bloggers, writers, and artists will have a place to hang out and share ideas!

And, of course, there is a wide selection of pastries!

Spoon and Fork time

Bouquets of flowers expressing well-wishes for the new business. The one on the right is from the City of Nanticoke!

Fresh flowers on every table in memory of Kim Coffee's father, Michael Coffee

The Coffee name is well-known throughout the region. Tragically, Kim's father was killed by a drunk driver several years ago (a drunk driver who was subsequently given an outrageously short sentence), and she has added many touches in his memory, including the fresh flowers at every table. Kim's father saw fresh flowers as the sign of a quality establishment; plastic flowers on a table were only dust collectors, and who wanted dust on their food?

Close-up of clock table

Coffee's Coffee fills several needs that have existed in Nanticoke for a while. Its existence is a reason to have hope for the gradual rebirth of the city. I wish Kim and her staff the best of luck in their new endeavor, and may they do business as robust as their coffee!


Anonymous said...

Good luck to Kim and her staff! It looks great, and from someone who works in Nanticoke, we.are always looking for new places to eat!.

Nanticoke has a LOT of potential, and fresh, new business is what it needs! Thanks to this write-up,, I will definitely check it out!


Cheri Sundra said...

I predict that everyone will want to sit at the clock table! ;-) Looks like a great place….will have to check it out!

MTopPA said...

This is a great place to stop and warm up after a long scooter ride in the cool fall weather!

Kim & Kevin
MTop, PA

MTopPA said...

This coffee shop is a warm and friendly place - a perfect place to stop after riding scooters in the chilly fall weather.

Kevin & Kim
MTop, PA